Eating Healthy Foods Promotes Oral Health

One of the big complaints that I hear whenever I talk to people about starting up a diet is that eating healthy foods is very difficult. While I will agree that eating healthy foods is hard at first, when one is accustomed to eating fast food or junk food all of the time, it does not last, and that eating healthy foods can actually become habit-forming.

One of my friends told me once that he ate fast food for breakfast every single day of the week. This seems unfathomable to me, but he was very busy and felt it easier to stop on the way to work and pick up something rather than prepare his own breakfast. I suggested the idea of cereal bars, and he was worried they would not fill him up. So I suggested fruit smoothies, and he was worried about the amount of time they would take to make. I told him that eating healthy foods did not have to be hard, but that he would have to put in some effort.

teeth healthy food
Healthy Food for Teeth

He gave it a shot for a week, and explained that it took him a while to grow accustomed to doing so. He said that eating healthy foods at first was tough, because he actually felt kind of nauseous. He said he wanted to give up, but remembered that his goal was to lose weight and get into better shape. After sticking with it for a few weeks, he told me that he actually wanted to eat healthier and avoid fast and fatty foods, because he was losing weight and felt a lot better.

Another friend of mine said that she had a really bad habit of snacking in front of the television with potato chips. I suggested that she get some carrot and celery sticks to replace those. She hated the idea initially, because as she said, there is really no comparison. I pointed out the fact that they were both crunchy, they were much healthier for her, and she would be grateful she made the change once she started noticing her waistline slimming. Sure enough, I made a believer out of her as well, and now she is down several sizes.

Eating healthy foods does not have to be torture, and there are actually many foods that taste great that are considered healthy, such as strawberries, chicken and potatoes. The big thing is just to make better choices. When people start to eat healthier, they usually discover that they start to crave healthy foods more than the foods they used to eat. When this happens, the sky is the limit on achieving their health goals.