Disorders in Eating Impact The Teeth

There are great deal of repercussions that happen in the mouth of a person fighting eating disorders. Such impacts might include loosing of your tooth, gum problems and disintegration of the enamel on the “tongue side” of the teeth as an outcome of teeth being bathed in stomach acid. Another impact is your enamel will be worn away, and some raised dental fillings and the teeth will appear black. In addition, individuals with eating conditions lack nutrients that can result to osteoporosis, compromising the bones in the jaw that supports the teeth and can cause missing teeth.

More so, they will have jagged edges on the leading teeth surfaces and the lower teeth surface areas hit on the incorrect “locations” due to the fact that of modified biting direction. More so, many individuals suffer from bleeding gums and burning of the tongue and dry mouth due to decreased in saliva circulation and swollen glands. All these problems are triggered by a range of eating disorders.

These unsightly symptoms of an unhealthy oral condition must be assisted immediately by treating the eating condition. Expert help is given when the dental practitioner knows the person’s background, especially the eating disorder, so it’s essential to be truthful about it.

Constantly brushing your teeth with severe toothpastes will cause more damage as it speeds up the erosion of the surface of the enamel. Rinsing the mouth thoroughly with milk or water is suggested before consuming or drinking anything acidic. This will enable the saliva to have a reducing the effect on the stomach acid, which has impacted enamel.

Consuming disorders are on increase nowadays. There are 2 main types of abnormal eating conditions, particularly, anorexia and bulimia nervosa. Attributed to fear of putting on weight or taking in food in general, people with anorexia nervosa are easily related to sunken body mass. They usually look really pale, have loose skin and bad oral health. Not just do they deny their body of nutrients, doing so adds to the reduction of saliva production, an essential process which cleans the teeth.

With dry mouth, split lips and bad teeth, individuals with anorexia nervosa require intervention to save their body and oral health. With bulimia, an individual with this disorder usually goes on a food binge prior to utilizing numerous methods to purge the food that has been consumed. Bulimics victims are at danger for tooth decay, tooth loss and gum disease that result from frequent vomiting due to gastric acid which corrodes the enamel of the teeth. Tooth erosion is accelerated if there is frequent vomiting. Therefore dental professional can typically tell if a patient is suffering from an eating disorder from the condition of the teeth. Regular visits to the dentist office would assist to prevent further damaged to eroded teeth.