Top 10 Foods for Dental Health

dental health foodsYour overall dental health greatly depends on exactly what you eat. As such, drastic alterations in your oral cavity can commence when you consume lots of sugary foods like candy or soda. In such cases, the bacteria present in the mouth, can transform carbohydrates and sugar into acids. These given acids then attack the tooth enamel and ultimately trigger the tooth decay process. Tooth decay happens to be the very first oral health problem you will experience if your diet is not right. Always confirm advice like this with your dentist to ensure it is accurate. Should you be wondering just which are the best foods to eat for dental health, here then is a review that will address your queries.

1. Cheese

Integrating cheese into your regular diet will elevate the pH levels in your oral cavity. While, at the same time, significantly reducing the risk factors of suffering from dental carries (tooth decay). The chewing action of consuming cheese raises the levels of saliva in the mouth, which according to dentists, is the best defense from bacteria. Cheese is also loaded with calcium and protein that have been incontestably proven to fortify the tooth enamel.

2. Green leafy vegetables

Green leafy vegetables such as spinach and kale are excellent for optimal oral health. These types of food are very rich in calcium, which is necessary for the formation of strong and healthy tooth enamel. Green leafy vegetables are also packed with the B complex vitamin, folic acid that has been linked with treating gum disease among expectant women.

3. Celery

Like most individuals, you may consider celery to be a very bland food, but eating it regularly can go a long way in promoting your dental health. Celery is an abrasive food and can act as a good toothbrush by scrapping off food particles and bacteria lodged in between the teeth. Talking of bacteria specifically, the saliva produced while eating celery can neutralize streptococcus mutans, the bacteria that triggers cavities. Even better, this food is packed with vitamins A and C, which are potent antioxidants that can boost the overall health of your gums.

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4. Chicken and other meats

Incorporating meat such as chicken into your diet will assist you in protecting your tooth enamel. This is brought about by meats been able to provide calcium and phosphorous that are prerequisite in the “re-mineralizing” of the teeth. For those who may be in the dark, this is a natural process where minerals are deposited on to the tooth enamel, after they have been eliminated by acid formation.

5. Apples

While you should steer clear from sweet foodstuffs, fruits like apples are exceptions to the general rule. Apples are packed with fiber and water that greatly promote excellent oral health. The chewing action of eating these fruits produces plenty of saliva in the oral cavity. This saliva then rinses off food particles and bacteria trapped in between the teeth. Additionally, the fibrous texture of apples, appropriately stimulates the gums.

6. Yogurt

Yoghurt is loaded with calcium as well as protein. This makes it an ideal food for strengthening the teeth, and generally enhancing your dental health. The probiotics present in yogurt are very good for the gums. This is simply because they are in a position of “crowding off” the bacteria, which triggers cavities. Still, one thing you should always bear in mind is to stick to the plain varieties of yogurt that are devoid of added sugar.

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7. Tea

Black and green tea have certain compounds, which are known as polyphenols that promote oral health by impeding the growth of the bacteria which can cause cavities and gum disease as well. Green tea, in particular also has compounds, which are referred to as catechins that kill the bacteria which triggers the accumulation of plaque. The accumulation of plaque, in its turn, causes dental carries.

8. Kiwis

Among fruits, kiwis have the remarkable distinction of possessing the highest possible levels of the antioxidant vitamin C. In the absence of this essential vitamin, the collagen that is found in the gums can start to break down. In the long run, this can make your gums become tender and hence more prone to the effects of the bacteria which triggers periodontal disease.

9. Sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes are extremely rich in vitamin A. Vitamin A is needed for proper tooth enamel formation. It also promotes the healing of gum tissue.

10. Onions

Onions possess potent antibacterial sulfur compounds, which makes them especially excellent for dental health. They are at their best when eaten fresh and raw.

Per instructions from every dentist and dental office, brush your teeth after eating. For more information, here are some websites about healthy teeth and dental care: