Baby Feeding Products

As you may be aware, having a baby can be all the fun in the world. Especially when you have so many different cool new toys, baby feeding products, high chairs, car seats, swings, teethers, and baby nursery decor to choose form now. Naturally all of these products and supplies can make parenting that much more fun. However, you have to often take a step back, and really decide what products you need, and which ones you just want because they look like a great deal of fun. Things can get a tad cluttered in your home if you are not careful. Therefore you should do some shopping around in the beginning.

If you are wondering where to shop for baby feeding products, and various other baby supplies, this is really not a challenge. The reality is, you can find all kinds of baby products in local super centers, as well as through countless online dealers. There are even great stores like Babies R Us at your disposal. This is one superstore that offers endless baby feeding products, as well as toys for infants and toddlers, high chairs, strollers, and booster seats. Pretty much anything you can imagine for your baby is likely to be there. The only difficult part is making a decision.

Some other stores you should consider for baby feeding products and toys are Kohls,, and All of these stores have plenty of supplies to suit various needs. However, as you may know, you cannot simply choose a baby bottle, nipple set, or other baby feeding products off the shelf for their bright color or unique design. Be sure to read the packaging first. You should always make certain that the baby feeding products are BPA-free, as well as free of pthalates and other dangerous substances like PVC. This is crucial since these products can harm your child.

Picking out fun and exciting baby feeding products can be an utter blast. The truth is, having a baby is so much fun, practically everything you do with the little one is a blast. Although parenthood can be tough and challenging at times, you should focus on all of the fun and beneficial aspects of it. Shopping for baby products is most certainly one of them. It is an entirely new world of shopping for most people, and once you delve in, you are bound to enjoy it. Find the right baby feeding products, decor, strollers, toys, high chairs, car seats, and other baby accessories to meet your needs and suit your lifestyle.

Baby Feeding Challenges

spoon feeding teethIf you’ve got a baby in the house, you certainly know the challenges that baby feeding time can present. Babies quickly develop particular tastes for certain foods, as well as those they dislike and inevitably refuse to eat. They have no idea of dental health or what will help their teeth grow. They can’t say the word “dentist” and don’t care a lick about the dentistry industry. Come at them with a spoon of commercially prepared beef and be prepared for the worst – either a deft little hand which sends spoon and beef onto the floor, or a big ‘fffflmmmth’ as the remark on what managed to enter baby’s mouth. However, you’re intent on making sure that your baby eats a nutritious, well-balanced (teeth happy) meal. Here are a few tips to making baby feeding time a happy time that satisfies your nutritional goals.

1. About an hour before baby feeding time, curtail beverages such as milk and juices. These beverages serve to fill baby up and thus be not quite so amenable to certain items on the menu. You don’t have to deprive your baby, just low-play the beverage end of the meal. This also helps keep baby’s taste buds in the welcome state.

2. Almost every baby has favorites when it comes to foods. Your baby may love bananas and peaches, but be less than happy about applesauce or blueberries. Remember, your goal is nutrition, so check your labels for nutritional value. All things being more or less equal, let baby eat the favored fruits. Pushing disliked foods on a baby can result in a very picky eater down the road.

3. Lots of babies balk at meats, especially the ones that come in jars. If proffering meat at baby feeding time brings the child to tears or tantrums, there are other ways to get that protein into an acceptable form. For example, you can cook a boneless chicken breast, cut it into several serving portions and freeze. When you’re ready to serve, put a portion in a baby food grinder, grinding until smooth. Baby will not recognize this as the same offensive product from a jar. The same technique works for veggies. Fresh is definitely better! After all, which would you rather eat? It’s also a good way to reduce the salt your baby consumes. Commercial baby food usually contains added salt. Of course, there’s no guarantee baby will like this any better, but it’s certainly worth a healthy shot!

4. Much as adults might freshen their palate between courses, with a small sorbet cup, try keeping baby interested by alternating the foods on today’s menu every couple of spoonfuls. A spoon of chicken, followed by a bite of applesauce, may suit baby’s taste. On the other hand, some babies are natural born ‘Dutch eaters’. These kids want to consume every last bite of one food before proceeding to the next. Whatever works!

5. Sometimes, baby feeding requires an ‘intermission’ to obtain the desired results. If baby starts acting fidgety, rejecting all food offers, it’s probably time for a break. Turn on some music, sing a happy tune or play a little game, counting fingers or gently squeezing that cute little cheek. Toys can also provide a diversion, convincing your little tyke that he or she is not being forced to toe the line, spoon after spoon. Get a few giggles going, and offer an empty spoon for baby’s choice of the next bite.

6. The much maligned tube is good for something. Cartoons are a good way to divert baby’s attention, automatically accepting the spoonful as the cartoon character weaves a spell on baby. Aha! Another bite accomplished.

Using these six tips at baby feeding time will surely result in more food in the tummy and less on the bib, high chair and floor! You can worry about dentistry, braces and future trips to the dentist at a later date. Aren’t babies cute?

Breast Milk Baby Feeding

If you are expecting a baby soon, you’re probably wondering about the whole debate to do with feeding a baby formula as opposed to choosing to get a child breast-fed. Just think – the American Academy of Pediatrics goes so far as to recommend that your baby see no other food for the first six months other than breast milk. Does this mean that a mother who doesn’t breast-feed is somehow not doing the best for her baby? What you decide to do depends in the end on what you’re most comfortable with. The baby’s emotional and nutritional needs usually, are well-met no matter what method of baby feeding a mother chooses. At this point, there is no concern for dental health – that is a while into the future.

dental baby feeding

As far as breast-feeding is concerned, mother’s milk is so far an inimitable choice. As close to the original composition as the formula makers have come, the products you get at the stores are never as good as what nature can make. Breast milk contains the exact kind of vitamins, protein, fat and minerals that your newborn baby needs for teeth growth, dental health, and many other reasons. No other kind of milk is an easily digested by your baby’s developing digestive system. Not to mention, a baby feeding on breast milk gets doses of antibodies against all kinds of diseases. A baby that is fed on breast milk is less likely to come down with allergies, cholesterol problems, diabetes and asthma and is less likely to end up overweight later in life.

Does this sound like having a baby feeding on breast milk is great for the baby but not for the mother? Not really. To begin with, breast-feeding helps a new mother lose calories that would otherwise get deposited around the waist. The kind of volume of exercise a new mother would have to undertake to do to lose those pounds would be pretty high. Breast-feeding also helps them get into shape quickly by helping the uterus get back to its normal size far more quickly. And of course, researchers say that there is some evidence that breast-feeding helps the new mother keep breast and ovarian cancer away.

So far so good; is there anything at all that recommends formula over breast milk aside from dental health reasons? Well, a baby feeding on formula needs to be fed far less often. A baby’s digestive system doesn’t digest formula as quickly as it does breast milk. A mother can keep a close watch on how much exactly her baby is getting when it’s formula too. Not to mention, for a working mother, bottlefeeding can be so much less demanding. This gives a mother more time to sleep through the night. And that is an advantage that is not to be taken lightly.